Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Casa de COLD

Monday night into Tuesday we got another healthy dose of snow. This was that perfect, wet, dense snow that packs like a charm. A very rare snow indeed! It was also a perfect day for playing outside since it wasn't so cold. We made the most of it and bundled the kiddos up and spent the better portion of the day doing something really productive-- making an igloo!

Matthew and I can both get a little exuberant making snow structures. (Gessners-- remember the 10 foot long snow tunnel a few years back at Christmas?? Case and point.) Once we realized how well the snow was packing and how quickly we could roll giant snow balls, the idea became more and more realistic.

The finished product is a wonder to behold. An igloo with vaulted ceilings that all four of us can fit inside of. It even has a slide that wraps around the side!

Those of you coming here for Christmas will get to appreciate this beauty in all of its glory! Need a place to stay? We're considering putting it up for rent- I'm sure that the local Inuit population will jump right on it!

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  1. Aunt Ruthie said: Your Igloo is the BEAST!!! I always wanted to spend a night in an Igloo...(that was when I was YOUNG!)