Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Todd!!

Yeah, so I'm almost a week late with this- but we celebrated appropriately on the day, so I'm guessing that I'm forgiven. :) We celebrated an amazing person with a fabulous meal at Santorini's Greek Kitchen. I absolutely LOVE Santorini's. soooooo good! We also absolutely love Todd & Sara, so it was a good evening. :)
We also celebrated Baby Bean's 13th week! This week was shrimp week for Sara- so we made sure to order meals with shrimp :)

Sara with her Shrimp baby!

What we've learned about our friendship with the SarTodd over the past 5ish years is that 9 times out of 10- Todd and I will want to eat/do the same things and Sara and Matthew will want to eat/do the same things. It's actually pretty funny. Todd and I even shared a meal the night of his b-day! It's become a joke between us. Todd and I used to say that it was because Matthew and Sara were Catholic- but I sold Todd out on that one... (Sorry Todd)

After dinner we went back to SarTodd's to enjoy the cakewreck that Sara had made to celebrate Todd's day. It was a wrecktastic display of cakewreckery! :) The guy who "decorated" this "masterpiece" was so disappointed with his handiwork that he actually gave it to Sara for half price. It was a great story.

Happy Birthday Todd!! We love you!

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  1. What does the cake say under the alligator of the cake? haha