Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chicago: Part Two

Thursday brought the second part of our trip. We decided to take the boys to Shedd Aquarium, and it was AWESOME! Both boys loved their day at the aquarium. I had wonderful memories of Shedd from my childhood when my dad used to take me to Chicago to his rehabilitation appointments, so I was excited to be able to share that with my boys. Shedd totally lived up to and exceeded the memories that I had. They've expanded and added so many new features and exhibits- it's just an amazing place to visit.

Owen and Eli were both totally enamored with the Beluga Whales. (So was their mama!!) This particular Beluga kept coming up and smiling and waving his fins at us. He even spat water up at us a few times!! Isn't he the cutest??

Owen of course, loved the dolphins and fish. Eli, true to form, LOVED the penguins! It was such a fun time, and I can't wait to go back! I'm also looking forward to experiencing the other Chicago attractions with my boys that I shared with my dad when I was a child. It is such a neat city!

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