Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chicken Mystery Solved!

I decided to take the advice of the "chicken lady" and separate our birds to determine who was laying. I am pleased to announce that Black Betty is indeed a hen!! She just produced a lovely egg in her private quarters. So for now, my rooster fears are over. Her eggs are still awfully little, but according to the lady, they'll get bigger as she settles into a routine. Here is a picture of Betty's egg sitting next to a regular "Large" egg that was purchased from the store. Betty's is on the right.

I am pretty excited though, because we have gathered four eggs since she started laying last weekend. She's laying just about every 36 hours.

Do two chickens and four eggs qualify me as a chicken farmer? I'd like to think so, but considering that two days ago I was sure that my hen was a rooster, I think that I better hold off on the "farmer" label for awhile!

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